Travieso Evans Arria Rengel & Paz


Rafael Cárdenas Perdomo


Member of Travieso Evans Arria Rengel & Paz since 2017. Graduated from  Universidad Fermín Toro in 2015. He is currently taking courses to obtain a Master’s Degree in Labor Law and Labor Policies (major in Labor Law), at Universidad del Zulia.


His practice areas are Labor Law and Litigation. He has taken advanced courses on Procedural Labor Law and Law of Evidence. He has experience in the handling of labor administrative lawsuits and proceedings, in the central-western region of the country.


Rafael also worked as Legal Counsel and Judicial Attorney-in-fact for several security service companies in Barquisimeto.


Positions and Recognitions


•  Recogntion to academic excellence. Universidad Fermín Toro (2011 and 2013).


Community Activities


Exchange student in the Federal Republic of Germany and in the Republic of Argentina. Rotary Club Internacional (2008-2009 and 2013).


Volunteer as Rotex of Rotary Club Internacional (2010-2013).


Founder Member and President of Club Rotaract Nueva Segovia, Barquisimeto (2012-2013 and 2013-2014).

Barquisimeto Office

(58-251) 233-75-37


Practice areas

  • Labor Law
  • Litigation



  • Universidad del Zulia. Master’s Degree in Labor Law and Labor Policies, major in Labor Law (currently studying).
  • Universidad Fermín Toro. Lawyer (2015).



  •  Spanish



  •  Free practice of law (2015-2017).